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Wow! What an important and enjoyable read. The Author goes beyond making a meaningful and joyous connection between what would seem to be two unrelated disciplines, Yoga and Astral Projection, and uses her explorations to coherently explain her view of the universal Cosmology. Her journey spans Hermetic philosophy, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Gnosticism, Yoga, Christian teachings, Astrology, Chakra energy, the Bhagavad-Gita, to dozens of other references, creating a wonderful guide for all of us who journey inward to find the Divine Self. Ms. Lowy's coherent and accessible outline of the four implants of consciousness is the easiest to understand that I have yet to read.

The song of the universe is heard in a unique way in this freely flowing tapestry, which I can see is only a small part of her experience and depth of knowledge. Her tone is positive and openly hopeful, without being dogmatic. If you are a student of Yoga, or just one who is looking to expand their awareness and consciousness, this is a book that will resonate through your mind for a long time to come. Engendering feelings of subtle joy bubble up to ones' waking state by simply casting a thought to the reading. Ms. Lowy's finely honed and compassionately intelligent work is a must have. It is rare to find a work that can exhibit both incredible depth and simplicity of form. She has provided another point of light to this world. A smile to touch upon again and again.

Dianne Collins


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